NEWS! Important

As of January 1, 2014 we will no longer be insurance providers. After much soul searching and looking at all the new regulations and requirements, we have made the decision to get out of the insurance game.
Medicare, Cigna and other group insurances do not pay for preventative or maintenance care, only what they consider medically necessary, and this is a relative term without a clear definition.
Switching to a cash based practice will allow me to keep my services affordable for everyone, not just the ones with low co-pays. It is also a good value for people with Health Savings Plans or high deductibles. Most patients will find their out-of- pocket costs will be less than in-network co-pays when they factor in lower rates, effective results in less time, less number of visits required than in most insurance treatment plans, or long contract programs. It also puts the power back your hands to decide when you need care and what care you want to pay for.
Your time is important and receiving the best quality care will get you back to work sooner and back to enjoying the things you like to do. Taking myself out of the insurance game will grant me the time to treat you in a personalized way that delivers results, instead of all the administrative time wasted trying to justify your needs to the insurance companies.
The cost of implementing all of the new government requirements for electronic records and technical support to be eligible for insurance reimbursment would necessitate a significant increase in fees in order to stay open and not have to close our doors.
What I love about my job is helping people get well and teaching them to stay healthy. I love to learn about treatment techniques that will help me accomplish that goal.  I don’t love regulations that want to control every aspect of our Doctor-Patient encounter. If you decide to continue care with us, you and I will make the decisions of what is best for you, not someone behind a keyboard trying to save their employer, the insurance company money, by saying No that service is not medically necessary.